Luminous Spirit

This work is drawn so deeply from my soul that defining the inspiration and influences is complicated. However my meditation practice focusing on the Chakra points in the body is the key element.

This series of work has come about slowly and the creative process has been a different experience for me. Often I work immediately with form, I see everything 3 dimensionally but this time the first thing to appear were the colours and the surface qualities and I spent a great deal of time working with oil colour glazes to achieve an effect I wanted, overlaying colours and playing with semi opaque and transparent qualities. The next stage was testing hot glass colours and surface qualities in the studio and finally the forms appeared.

The final pieces are hand blown with the colours layered by using inside casing and overlays building up a depth. This feels similar to me to the way our emotions overlay each other, for instance the way grief sometimes hides below anger. So I use semi opaque colours, which lightly mask other deeper more vibrant colours. The forms have been developed from the energy forms, which appear during my chakra meditations. Most of the forms are double ended with spiral energy, which are technically very difficult to make.

crystal glass by Katy Holford

Open sacral chakra.

The Chakra Series comprises 7 individual pieces representing each of the chakra points in the body. Meditating on the chakra points can be like checking in with yourself to see what’s going on. They all have very specific relationships with our emotional, spiritual and physical bodies and can indicate blockages or energetic releases on all of those levels. More than anything these pieces represent for me the joy of being alive and the beauty that life can show us, however we are placed in the world.

The development of this work was supported by an Arts Council Grant and culminated in a solo exhibition ‘Luminous Spirit’ at Vessel Gallery in 2010.

Designed by Katy Holford

© Kathryn M Holford, 2015

Crown chakra by Katy Holford Voice chakra by Katy Holford Heart chakra by Katy Holford Solar-plexus chakra by Katy Holford Emotion chakra by Katy Holford Root chakra by Katy Holford